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Kamionkowski, Cosmological-Parameter Determination with Cosmic Microwave Background Temperature Anisotropies and Polarizat ion. To be published in the Proceedings of the 33rd rencontres de Moriond: Fundamental Parameters in Cosmology, Les Arcs, France, January 15-24, 1998. astro-ph/9803168. [18] We note the similarity to the formula for the age of the universe: (51) which is also an elliptic integral that cannot be done analytically. [19] For a review of the cosmological constant problem see, for example, S.

Given the equation of motion T µv = 0, the ensuing conformal cosmology evolution equation is then found to take the form (on setting L = hlS 40) (13) with the deceleration parameter now being given as (14) As we see, Eq. (13) is remarkably similar in form to Eq. (1), with conformal cosmology thus only containing familiar ingredients. As an alternate cosmology then, ¶The sign of the gravity generated by local gravitational inhomogeneities is fixed [12] by the sign of the coupling constant α g in the Weyl action IW of Eq.

34) is (35) while the ‘ii’ component is (36) 24 Energy-momentum conservation follows from Eqs. (35,36) because of the Bianchi identity Dµ(R µv – 1–2 gµv ) = D µ(Lg µv + 8pGT µv ) = DµT µv = 0. Note that the separation of τ µv into two terms, one involving L ( t ), as in Eq( 10), is not meaningful except in a phenomenological sense because of energy conservation. (38) becomes: (39) where WM = and WL = Now we can introduce the form of L(t) we shall assume by writing L(t) = bR(t)–P (40) where b is a constant and the exponent P we shall study for the range 0 £ P < 3.

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