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A historical past of the Spanish Language via Texts examines the evolution of the Spanish language from the center a while to the current day. Pountain explores quite a lot of texts from poetry, via newspaper articles and political files, to a Bunuel movie script and a love letter. With keypoints and a cautious indexing and cross-referencing approach this publication can be utilized as a freestanding background of the language independently of the illustrative texts themselves.

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284). 2 Castigo < Lat. CASTI¯GO is here to be understood as having moved away from the Latin meaning of ‘to reprove’, ‘to punish’, ‘to correct’ to ‘to warn’ → ‘to teach’; it is quite widely used with the meaning of ‘to warn’ in Old Castilian, though the modern meaning has reverted to that of the original Latin, perhaps as a result of learned pressure. Keypoint: learned and popular, semilearned and semipopular (p. 277). 16) may also be a Latin gloss (the corresponding Latin adverb would have been VOLUNTARIE¯): popular phonetic development would have changed the /aria/ ending to /era/), and as a feminine adjective it does not make literal sense.

3 and 12; serra || MSp. 9; nostra || MSp. 2). 18) ← (Lat. 9 below) but a semi-etymological spelling remains in Kadrectas || MSp. 18); even the most elementary combinations of consonant + [j] are represented in the Latin way (uineas || MSp. 3). Lenition is not represented: collato || MSp. 8), latus || MSp. 3). Keypoints: vowels (p. 296); palatalisation (p. 280); lenition (p. 278). 1) < SPONTA ¯ ˘ [SPONTANEUS], which indicates the addition of a prothetic /e/- to an initial group consisting of /s/ + consonant.

Adtendat [katet] unusquisque [qui cataqui] ne munera accipiendo alterius causam malam faciat suam penam si jnjuste judicauerit; accipe pecunie lucrum et jncurrit [kaderat] anime detrimentum. Non se circumueniat qui talis est [non e cuempetet elo uamne en iui]; jn illo enim jmpletur quod 5 scriptum est: jn quo judicio judicaueritis judicauimini. Forsitam [alquieras] quando jsta preˆdicamus aliqui contra nos jrascuntur et dicunt: jpsi qui hoc predicant hoc jmplere dissimulant [tardar an por jnplire]; jpsi sacerdotes, presuiteres et diacones talia plura conmittunt [tales muito fazen]; et quidam, fratres, alicotiens [alquanda beces] uerum est, quod pejus est.

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