Download e-book for iPad: Acamprosate in Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism by D. M. Lovinger (auth.), PD Dr. Michael Soyka (eds.)

By D. M. Lovinger (auth.), PD Dr. Michael Soyka (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783642801952

"I chanced on a lot of worth and curiosity during this booklet and feature no hesitation in recommending it...It will surely offer a entire review of excitatory amino acid receptors and theoretical versions of yearning" habit Biology

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J Neurochem 62(3): 987-991 Woodward 11, Gonzales RA (1990) Ethanol inhibition of N-methyl-D-aspartate-stimulated endogenous dopamine release from rat striatal slices: reversal by glycine. J Neurochem 54: 712-715 Wu PH, Mihic SJ, Liu JF, Le AD, Kalant H (1993) Blockade of chronic tolerance to ethanol by the NMDA antagonist, (+)-MK-801. Eur J Pharmacol 231(2): 157-164 Zeise ML, Kasparov S, Capogna M, Zieglgansberger W (1993) Acamprosate (calciumacetylhomotaurinate) decreases postsynaptic potentials in the rat neocortex: possible involvement of excitatory amino acid receptors.

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Acamprosate in Relapse Prevention of Alcoholism by D. M. Lovinger (auth.), PD Dr. Michael Soyka (eds.)

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