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By A.R. Katritzky

ISBN-10: 0120206242

ISBN-13: 9780120206247

(from preface)This quantity makes a big contribution to the method of up-dating past volumes that we've got initiated. Seven of the 9 chapters are dedicated to this goal and any longer we intend to up-date chapters from 10 to fifteen years after their visual appeal, only if huge paintings has been performed within the region covered.Five chapters were up-dated by way of the authors of the unique chapters that seemed in prior volumes, as follows: Quinazolines, by way of W. L. F. Armarego (the unique bankruptcy seemed in quantity 1), 3-membered earrings with Heteroatoms, through E. Schmitz (Volume 2), Physicochemical facets of Purines, via J. H. Lister (Volume 6), Reis-sert Compounds, by means of F. D. Popp (Volume 9), and Pyridazines, by means of M. Tiffler and B. Stanovnik (Volume 9).Two different chapters up-date matters coated in past volumes, yet by means of diversified authors: Selenium-Nitrogen Heterocycles, by means of I. Lalezari, A. Shafiee, and M. Yalpani, which up-dates the contribution by means of Bulka in quantity 2 on Selenazole Chemistry, and Pyrrolizidines, through D. J. Robins, which up-dates the contribution through Kochetkov and Likhosherstov in quantity 5.Finally, chapters care for considerably new subject matters: Benzo[c]cin-nolines, via J. W. Barton, and 1, 4-Thiazines, by way of R. J. Stoodley.

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Armarego and T. Kobayashi, J . Chem. Soc. C , 1635 (1969). 1 9 9 R. W. J. Carney, H. M. Blatter, and G. S. Patent 3 322,759 (1967) [CA 68, 87308 (1968j1. 2oo A. Ya. Strakov, D. Zicane, D. Brutane, and M. Opmane, Noo. Issled. Obl. Khim. Khim. , Muter. NuucAno-Tekh. Konf. Profcssorsko-Prepod. Sostuou Nuuchn. Rub. Khim. Fuk. R P I , 23 (1973) [CA 82. 4195 (1975)]. ' 0 1 B. R. Statham and I. M. Downie, Loughhorough Univ. , Dep. , Summ. Final Year Stud. Proj. Theses 10, 161 (1969) [CA 73, 25396 (1970)l.

209Oxidation of 82 with hydrogen peroxide or monoperphthalic acid gave the 4a-hydroxy derivative, but the 1,Sa-double bond was also attacked to form the oxaziridinooctahydroquinazolinone 84. 210 cis- and trans-3,4,4a,5,6,7,8,Sa-0ctahydroquinazolines were prepared from the respective cis- and trans-2-aminomethylcyclohexylamines and ethyl orthoformate. The hydrochloride salts were stable (amidinium resonance), but the free bases were readily hydrolyzed to the formamido derivatives of the starting material.

Chenz. 25, 2641 (1972). 146 W. Ried, B. Heine, W. Merkel, and N . Kothe, Synthesis, 534 (1976). 14' A. Albert and G. Catterall, J. Chem. C, 1533 (1967). 14* E. Kalatzis, J . Chem. B, 96 (1969). L. J. Chinn, J. Heterocycl. Chem. 10,403 (1973). 145 30 W. L. F, ARMAREGO [Sec. 1]hept-2-ene-5,6-dicarboxylate, the nitrene added across the double bond and gave the adduct (52: R = 2-methylquinazolin-4-on-3-yl) in 5 4 % yield together with 2-methylquinazolin-4(3H)-one(24%). ' The methyl group in 2-methylquinazolin-4-ones which were substituted on N-3 was shown to undergo the Vilsmeier-Haack reaction.

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