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By Ed. by J.W. Negele and E. W. Vogt.

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This year's 4 articles tackle themes starting from the character of the substructure of the nucleon and the deuteron to the overall houses of the nucleus, together with its section transitions and its wealthy and unforeseen quantal homes. They assessment the current experimental and theoretical realizing of the starting place of the spin of the nucleon, the liquid-gas section transition that happens at a lot decrease temperatures and densities than these of a quark-gluon plasma in relativistic heavy-ion collisions, the experimental facts and theoretical types rising approximately very-high-spin states of nuclei, and the historical past of findings from the deuteron derived from fresh electron-deuteron scattering experiments with saw polarizations and different experiments. The authors will not be pointed out.

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For QCD the euclidean Lagrange density is given by (cf. Eq. 1)) with the euclidean Dirac matrices obeying sponding euclidean action is obtained as For a numerical evaluation of the partition function integral a hypercubical lattice of spacing a with The corre- via the path lattice points in 24 R. Rapp and J. Wambach each spatial direction and points in the temporal direction is introduced. Temperature and volume are related to the lattice size, as and the temperature and volume derivatives are replaced according to Because of the scale dependence of Eq.

To enhance their weight one employs the fact that dispersion theory implies the following relation for derivatives of This leads to the introduction of the “Borel transformation” where M is the so-called Borel mass. When applied to both sides of Eq. s. which suppresses the contribution from higher resonances. s. 42 R. Rapp and J. Wambach converges rapidly if M is sufficiently large such that the few lowest terms in the OPE suffice. Typically the minimum value of the Borel mass to achieve rapid convergence is around 1 GeV.

1). As displayed in Fig. 5GeV but differ greatly below due to the and resonance structures in the electromagnetic spectral function (lower panel of Fig. 6). 6. Vector-Axialvector Mixing As has been discussed the quark-hadron phase transition is accompanied by the restoration of chiral symmetry, i. , a “melting” of the quark condensate at the transition temperature, 160 MeV. The change of Chiral Symmetry Restoration and Dileptons in RHIC Fig. 6. Lower panel: experimental cross section ratio 33 according to Eq.

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