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By Conrad Sabourin

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There are symptoms that curiosity within the learn of adverbs has been starting to be progressively lately, mostly a result of so-called Chomskyan revolution in linguistics which positioned a lot emphasis at the learn of syntax, yet most likely additionally as a result of place those adverbs and different debris take inside of a syntactic string has proved to be even more tough to figure out than had formerly been idea. nonetheless one more reason for the rise of curiosity during this subject might be present in the new pattern in linguistics which focusses on communicative competence and genuine language use in day-by-day discourse. even though this bibliography has no declare to exhaustiveness, it's going to still be priceless to researchers engaged on adverbs and comparatives. The titles chosen relate in a single manner or one other to the issues the linguist faces with recognize to the adverb.

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EDITORS), 1975 STUDIES IN ENGLISH GRAMMAR EDITIONS UNIVERSITAIRES, PARIS, 293P 392 GASCA-QUEIRAZZA Giuliano, 1968 Note storiche sulla formazione del tipo avverbiale latino-volgare aggettivo + -MENTE in ACTELE CELUI DE-AL 12-LEA CONGRES INTERNATIONAL DE LINGUISTICA SI FILOLOGIE ROMANICA 1, 109-114 393 GATERS Alfreds, 1960 review of OZOLS Arturs, 1958 in ORBIS 9, 575-579 394 GATERS Alfreds, 1967 Adverbialislerung von attributiven und praedikativen Adjektiven im Lettischen in ZEITSCHRIFT FUER VERGLEICHENDE SPRACHFORSCHUNG 81:1, 153-158 50 A D V E R B S AND COMPARATIVES 395 GAUGER H i l d e g a r d , 1922 Das A d v e r b als G e f u e h l s t r a e g e r D I S S E R T A T I O N , T U E B I N G E N , 93P im Englischen und Deutschen 396 G A V R I L O V I C G o r d a n a , 1971 Adverbial c l a u s e s of c a u s e , place and m a n n e r in English and S e r b o - C r o a t i a n in THE YUGOSLAV S E R B O - C R O A T I A N - E N G L I S H C O N T R A S T I V E P R O J E C T , UNIVERSITY OF S A R A J E V O , REPORT 4, 1-10 397 GAZDARU D e m e t r i o , 1950 H I C , I B I , INDE en las lenguas ibero-roman1 cas in FILOLOGIA 2, 29-44 393 GEIS J o n n i e E l i n o r , 1970 Some a s p e c t s of verb p h r a s e a d v e r b i a l s 1n English P H .

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