Aestivation: Molecular and Physiological Aspects by Philip C. Withers, Christine E. Cooper (auth.), Carlos PDF

By Philip C. Withers, Christine E. Cooper (auth.), Carlos Arturo Navas, José Eduardo Carvalho (eds.)

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Numerous animal species reside in environments characterised by way of a seasonal relief within the availability of water, which regularly yet no longer continually happens whilst temperatures are maximum. for lots of such animals, survival in the course of the hardest season calls for spending lengthy classes of time in a slightly inactive country referred to as aestivation. yet aestivation is way greater than final inactive. winning aestivation calls for the choice of a formal microhabitat, variable levels of metabolic arrest and responsiveness to exterior stimuli, the facility to experience the correct time of yr for emergence, the upkeep of inactive tissue, and lots more and plenty extra. So, aestivation includes a posh choice of behaviors, ecological institutions and physiological changes that modify throughout species of their kind, significance and path. This booklet seeks to discover the phenomenon of aestivation from diverse views and degrees of association, starting from microhabitat choice to genetic keep watch over of physiological changes. It brings jointly authors from the world over engaged on diverse systematic teams, ways, and questions, yet who're all finally operating to raised comprehend the complicated factor of aestivation.

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Jaeger (1948, 1949) described avian hibernation in the poorwill (Phaenoptilus nuttali), and this species remains the only bird for which there is physiological evidence of multiday torpor. A number of birds use shallow daily torpor, and recent data suggest that torpor use may be more common amongst birds than first appreciated. Heterothermia has now been reported for the coraciiform, coliiform, apodiform, trochiliform, strigiform, columbiform, and passeriform families (McKechnie and Lovegrove 2002), although separating true torpor from the more commonly occurring nocturnal hypothermia is a definitional issue.

2002). It is no wonder then that suppression of global rates of protein synthesis is a consistent response in all systems of hypometabolism that have been studied to date (summarized in Storey and Storey 2004). With respect to aestivation, suppression of global protein synthesis has been documented in both vertebrate and invertebrate models. Using liver slices from the desert frog Neobatrachus centralis, Fuery et al. 1 Effect of in vitro incubations that stimulated the activities of endogenous protein kinases or protein phosphatases on the activities of Na+K+-ATPase or sarco(endo)plasmic Ca2+-ATPase (SERCA) in foot muscle extracts from active or 10-day aestivated O.

Lactea showed that RPP is critical to managing the activities of ion pumps during aestivation. B. M. Storey aestivation in O. lactea (Ramnanan and Storey 2006b, 2008). The same mechanism is seen in other hypometabolic systems including hibernating mammals and diapausing insects (MacDonald and Storey 1999; McMullen and Storey 2008). During aestivation in O. lactea, the maximum activities of both enzymes decreased by 33–50% in muscle and hepatopancreas, although Western blotting showed no change in the amounts of enzyme protein.

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Aestivation: Molecular and Physiological Aspects by Philip C. Withers, Christine E. Cooper (auth.), Carlos Arturo Navas, José Eduardo Carvalho (eds.)

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