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By Roland A. Coulson, Thomas Hernandez

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ISBN-13: 9780080297767

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Blood was drawn at intervals and ana­ lyzed for the amino acid administered and the rate of disappearance of that amino acid was determined. Blood flow for each animal was calculated on the assumption that it was proportional to 0 2 consump­ tion. ). How well did the concept work in practice? Con­ sidering the opportunities for experimental error the results were quite good. For the five different animals representative averages and ranges for KF in mmol/1. 6). 6 for the others. /kg/hr. 6. The fact that most of the KFs were similar in the five animals indicates that the reactivity of any one enzyme is similar in dissimilar species, analogues to the similarities one would expect to find for the values for the K^s for enzymes from different species, but performing the same function.

Has a profound effect on the fluid balance of the body. Inside the cell, catabolism of glucose, whether de­ rived from internal glycogen or from the plasma, will increase osmotic pressure momentarily. When fructose 1-6 diphosphate is split into two 3-carbon com­ pounds, the result will be an increase in the total number of particles in the cell's interior and as a con­ sequence fluid will flow in. The removal of those com­ pounds by fat synthesis or by oxidation to C 0 2 elim­ inates the osmotic differential and fluid flows out.

Some comparisons with man are of interest and they will be discussed below. 4ml/min/100g (Altman & Dittmer, 1968). 0621. of 0 2 / d a y . 77 mol of ATP/day, or about 8% more than the alligator has available for his 70 kg body. The four chambers of the heart of the man would probably use about 7 mol of ATP/day or perhaps twice the total produced by the entire alligator. 25 mol of ATP would be expended by the heart per day. The power of the alligator heart would then be < 4 % of that developed by the heart of man.

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