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0 1 5 i . ~ t" 0 . 0009 I 400 500 Fig. 9. Rate of solubilization and absorption of '"Ce from lung after inhalation of three forms of cerium. ,These are given in Table 13 along with integrals of the functions for organ concentrations resulting from the combined Task Group on Lung Dynamics and ICRP Committee 11 models for 144Cein D, W, and Y class compounds. In general, the previous ICRP models tend to underestimate most organ doses, especially those to liver and bone. In the studies with beagles, there was always a soluble component of each aerosol which contributed to higher absorption of 144Cefrom the lung at early times and less overall clearance of Id4Ceto the gastrointestinal tract.

TractC Pancreas Muscle Brain Skeleton Body Weight (kg) Concentration" (fraction of activity/g wet wekht) 3 . 5 . 7 x lo-" ~ 1 . 4 x lo-" t 1 . 4 x " Data of McCleUan et al. (1965). Original concentrations (Co) were reported as Co = (pCi/g tisque)/(pCi adm/g body). Those values have been converted to C(Fractions of dose/g) using the relation, C = Co/700, assuming an average body weight of 70 kg for miniature swine. ' Based on concentration in small intestine. Reported by authors. " Calculated from concentration and assumed organ weights.

Injection - Nuclide chemical form and mute of administration 144Ce citrate, im. '"ML~. v. v. im. v. v. m. p~ = 3. v. v. (+ 6 Tb/kg body art) 17% . cltrate, im. v. bcb, '%b, < Radionuclide content (fraction of injected activity) Liver Skeleton Reference Durbin et al. (19568)' Moakalev (1961al M a g n m n (1963) Durbin et al. (195611)' Berke (1968) Stepanov et al. (1970) Durbin et a1. (1956n)' ZaWlin and Tmnova (1969) M a g n w n (1963) Durbin et al. 1. I. I. contents 4 days after injection, and Few is the cumulative fecal excretion at 4 days.

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