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In equatorial mounting, they are made parallel with the Earth's axis of rotation and the equator respectively. → collimation. → align; → telescope. : aligné Arranged in a straight line. Adj. from → align. p. of âtânidan. ) → aligned; → magnetic field. : alignement The fact of being in line or bringing into line. Alignment, from → align + -ment. Âtâneš, verbal noun from present-tense stem âtân + -eš. : Alioth The brightest of the seven stars that make up the Big Dipper asterism. 77 from a distance of about 80 light years.

This rare event is an optical illusion due to larger dust particles left along the comet's orbit. And typically occurs when the Earth crosses the plane of the comet's orbit. It seen when the observer is in the plane of the cometary orbit. Antitail, from → anti- "opposite, opposing, against" + → tail. : antithèse Logical or verbal opposition. Philo. The second of two opposed propositions in Hegelian dialectic, the first of which is the → thesis; → synthesis. → anti-; → thesis. : Machine pneumatique The Air Pump.

Tromba. : équation d'Antoine A mathematical expression, derived from the → Clausius-Clapeyron equation, of the relation between the vapor pressure and the temperature of pure substances. It shows that the logarithm of vapor pressure is linearly dependent on the reciprocal of absolute temperature. ), a French marine engineer, who derived the equation; → equation. : apoastre The point at which a binary star is furthest from its companion. Apastron, from Gk. " Apâstâr, apâsetâré, from apâ-→ apo- + stâr, setâré→ star.

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