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By C. Braestrup, M. Nielsen (auth.), Dr. David N. Stephens (eds.)

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Since the invention a few 15 years in the past of benzodiazepine modulatory websites linked to GABA A receptors, nice attempt has long past into knowing their molecular pharmacology and into constructing new anxiolytic medications that engage selectively with them. fashionable during this study has beenthe discovery that ~-carbolines, a special chemical classification from benzodiazepines, additionally act at those receptors yet that their results are often rather assorted from these of the benzodiazepines.This publication files the most recent discoveries within the molecular biology of the GABA A receptor and divulges how an integration of the result of learn inmolecular biology, man made chemistry, biochemical and behavioral pharmacology, and medical pharmacology has lead the way forthe improvement of ~-carbolines from components inducing anxiousness and convulsions to a unique remedy for nervousness states, reaching a behavioral selectivity via selective activities at subtypes of receptors.

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BZ I receptors predominate in the cerebellum, but are rare in the hippocampus (Faull and Villinger 1988; Faull et al. 1987; Olsen et al. 1990). On the other hand, BZ II receptors are strongly expressed in the hippocampus and nearly absent from the cerebellum, whereas both receptor subtypes are similarly expressed in the cortical layers (Faull and Villinger 1988; Faull et al. 1987; Olsen et al. 1990). Data derived from ligand binding to recombinant receptors are in good agreement with the mRNA distribution of the a subunits.

This 33 Immunohistochemical Mapping of GABA A a b d Fig. 2a-d. The most abundant species, Ulo U2 and U3 display similar laminar distributions throughout the cerebral cortex. In frontal sections of occipital cortex the complementary, but overlapping patterns of immunoreactivity are evident. Note how the highest Ul density occurs in layers III-IV (a), while U2 (b) and U3 (c) are concentrated in layers I-III and V-VI, respectively, (d) us-LIR is associated with interneurones. Scale bars represent 200 11m 34 J.

1 Subunit Composition of GABAAR Coexpression of the a1 and ~1 subunits in Xenopus laevis oocytes resulted in Cl- channels opened by GABA (Schofield et al. 1987) as was expected from the original biochemical data showing the copurification of two protein bands on a benzodiazepine (BZ)-affinity column (Sigel et al. 1983). Furthermore, the a2, a3, and as variants coexpressed in X. laevis oocytes with ~1' and a1 together with ~b ~2' or ~3 all assemble to GAB A-gated ion channels (Levitan et al. 1988; Ymer et al.

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